TPI Performance Training

Our vision is to help golf athletes reach their fullest potential by offering a physical performance training program that works cohesively with instructional swing training. TPI programs are built with the intention to train in the weight room in a way that can be directly expressed on the course.

With TPI Performance Training, each athlete will be taken through a functional movement screening as well as a TPI Golf Fitness Assessment in order to identify the athlete's movement strengths and weaknesses. From there, a personalized training program will be built to address the physical limitations keeping players from reaching their fullest potential. TPI systems are designed to help athletes reach their peak performance and gain the edge!

Areas of Focus:
  • Performance Training
  • Strength/Power
  • Energy Systems Development
  • Mobility/Stability
  • Injury Prevention
  • TPI Golf Fitness Assessment
  • Regeneration
  • Prehab Exercises

Each TPI training session begins with mobility and flexibility work in order to prepare the body for the movement of the golf swing, optimize range of motion, and prevent injury. The Physical Performance Center is furnished with various modalities to help expand range of motion and address any movement restrictions and compensations hindering the swing.

The Physical Performance Center is furnished with Keiser equipment, a leader in functional training equipment, which enables athletes to efficiently train stability, mobility, and strength. Keiser equipment utilizes advanced pneumatic resistance technology to reduce shock absorbed by connective tissues, joints, and muscles. This allows golfers to train any motion at any velocity while reducing their risk for injury.
Strength & Power

TPI views strength and rotational power as the foundation of a golf athlete's training. TPI trains athletes to kinetically link each segment of the body in order to produce optimum power. With squat racks, trap bars, dumbbells, medicine balls and more, The Physical Performance Center is equipped for golf athletes to develop strength and power to support the golf swing.

TPI training sessions conclude with a regeneration component. The Physical Performance Center has next-level regeneration equipment meant to optimize recovery and enhance longevity. With various tools such as handheld vibration guns and compression boots and sleeves, athletes will increase blood flow, relax muscles, and speed up recovery.